Anikó & Ali

Anikó aus stammt Ungarn, deshalb erscheint nachfolgender Text in englisch, so wie wir unsere Email-Korrespondenz führen, damit sie auch versteht, was über sie publiziert wird.


I’m very glad to publish some fotos as well as some information about Anikó Bódi and her Irish Wolfhound bitch “Ali” – even the largest dog and sighthound.

cats & mouse with a Rotti-Mix

Right now Anikó’s Ali is six years old and she’s overflowing with energy!

Anikó herself does a lot of sports – she had been playing for a long time team handball, her kilter is still excellent, and now she’s looking for an alternative. Therefore she’s interrested in canicross, what might be an ideal team-sport for both: Anikó & Ali – Anikó is used to run very fast & Ali surely would be happy to run together with her!


The most formidable picture – you can see the impressive bigness of Ali!

«I like big and powerful creatures
who doesn’t take adventage of their strength
and a Wolfhound is just like that.

Anikó likes big and powerful dogs very much. She loves her Wolfhounds and she had always one or two – the time before Ali she had another Wolfshound, called “Bossom” and she was cream-coated:


Because of the fact, that Wolfshounds age relative quickly Anikó decided to get a smaller hound that can keep up with her for a longer time. Nevertheless, it had to be a sighthound – and that’s how she ended up with the Magyar Agár… sooner or later …

And last but not least,
Anikó, please disclose the secret about Ali’s bigness – what’s the size of Ali? I guess your Ali is at least 90 or more centimetres – am I right in thinking?

Finally we can do the check-up about “Like Master – like man”



2 thoughts on “Anikó & Ali

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Whoever wonders about Ali’s hight, she’s must be about 81-82cms at the shoulders. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thougth she’s bigger than that but it’s actually huge for a dog. Her lenght, strong built and long neck adds to her size as well. That all means that if she gets on her hind legs she must be deffinitely over 170cms so she would be a tall girl if she was human. That is actually a very ideal size for a Wolfhound bitch. A male is about 6-8cms taller wich doesn’t sound much but actually it’s a consderable difference in size.

  2. Hello Anikó,

    thanX for that information – nevertheless this is a very imposing bigness! And I think with this size, your Ali suits perfect to the standard 🙂
    For me you both, You and your Ali, form an ideal TEAM and I think, it is not a coincidence that you choose the biggest dog that exists within the dog breed – it just FITS!!!

    Kind regards, Bettina

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